MLS# 25083 12/26/2015 - Jxwhite
  Mr. Kinney was brought into the negotiations to sell my home in Fort Bragg after I had talked with other Realtors in the area. It became obvious after a very short time that Mr. Kinney was head and shoulders above the others in all fields related to his profession.

  He answered all questions without  hesitation and was available at all times of the day and weekends when additional questions came to mind. Mr. Kinney priced our home appropriately while other Realtors in the area tried to low ball the property. In my opinion and I must stress that it is my opinion only, the other Realtors wanted to make a quick sale and a quick buck while Mr. Kinney was only focused on being appropriately fair and accurate to both sides of the negotiation.

  Our home sold to a wonderful couple that loved the house and we have no doubt will take care of it for as long as they own it. We couldn't be more pleased with the professional demeanor Mr. Kinney displayed and with the way he took us through the maze of paperwork carefully explaining each aspect of the process. If One is looking for a real professional Realtor who knows the area, the business and who actually cares about the end result more than the profit he may or may not receive for all his work then you can't go wrong with Bob Kinney.